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Thinking out loud

Hoodie from H&M – Dress from Saint Tropez – Jeans from Saint Tropez – Bag from LA – Shoes from Valentino


Let’s face it.. Letting go is hard! When a chapter ends, or we face insurmountable challenges it can be agonizing – it’s not called growing pains for nothing, right!? But what I’ve recently learned is that, no matter how painful a situation is, the best thing you can do is to trust your own values. If you have been mistreated, refuse to lower your standards to accommodate those who refuse to raise theirs.

Be the bigger person. Forgive. Rise above it. Grow. Even though it hurts, you will be able to look yourself in the eye, and that is the most important. To me honesty is the best quality a person can have. Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy, but by being honest you stay true to yourself.. Never settle for less! Listen to your heart, be honest and do what is right.

The hurt you feel will eventually fade, and you will realize that this challenge has grown you, and by being honest and humble you will not only have strengthened your self respect, but your character as well. And no-one can take that away from you..


Fashion Look Of The Day

90’s kid!

Denim jacket – T-shirt – Jeans   Hi ladies,   Today I’ve tried to catch that 90’s vibe with a classic denim outfit. Lately my headphones have been bursting with 90’s tunes like TLC, Nirvana, Destiny’s Child and of course my all time favourite…

Fashion Look Of The Day

The most wonderful time of the year

Pants from Zara – Cropped knit frmo Zara – Jacket from Saint Tropez Hi ladies, Are you all set for Christmas? Today I went on the big hunt for Christmas presents to my family, and oh what a nightmare. First off, the traffic is…

Fashion Look Of The Day

A ray of sunshine

Shirt from Zara – Pleather leggings from Saint Tropez – Bag from Mulberry – Shoes from H&M Hi ladies, This weekend has been so beautiful. The sun has been out and I have been back home visiting my family. Saturday i went sailing with…

Fashion Look Of The Day

26 – what now?

Jacket – Body – Skirt – Bag When I was a kid, my deepest fear about growing up was getting my wisdom teeth pulled, or having to do housework.. If only that was the hardest part! Turning 26 had me thinking; even though I am…

Fashion Look Of The Day

OUTFIT: On fire

Unisex pleather skin pants – Fors Nome : Strappy harness neck body – Missguided Hi ladies, I have fallen in love. Yes I have. And it doesn’t happen often. I have fallen for these incredible pleather pants from Fors Nome. I absolutely LOVE the high…

Fashion Look Of The Day

Futuristic fashion fix

Unisex Malik T-shirt – Fors Nome Hi ladies (and gents), I have had the pleasure of shooting some pictures in edgy styles from Fors Nome. Fors Nome is an upcoming danish unisex fashion brand, who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Their…

Fashion Look Of The Day

Beachy blue

Hi there 🙂 A little check up on what is new since last post. Life has been pretty darn fantastic! First of all, last week I got my acceptance letter for my masters in Human Ressource Management at CBS (which was such a huge…

Fashion Look Of The Day

Festival Ready

Lace shorts from Saint Tropez – T-shirt from Windsor Store – Crossbody bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs   Hi ladies, A few pictures from my Distortion adventure this week! I’ve had an incredible two days with lots of sunshine, music and friendsship on…

Fashion Look Of The Day

OOTD: Two-in-One jacket

    The new Two-in-One jacket from Saint Tropez has become my new transition jacket. Perfect for in between seasons. The orange shoulder bag from Chloé compliments the subtle grey/bue colour of the jacket very nicely, and brings the outfit a little funk 😉…