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A ray of sunshine


Shirt from Zara – Pleather leggings from Saint Tropez – Bag from Mulberry – Shoes from H&M


Hi ladies,

This weekend has been so beautiful. The sun has been out and I have been back home visiting my family. Saturday i went sailing with my in-laws. We went out on the water pretty early in the day, with a picnic basket filled with hot coffee, cake and sandwiches.

I cannot tell you how gorgeous this morning was.. The sky was clear and blue, and the water was completely glassy making the water look like a giant mirror reflecting the perfectness of the sunny weather. Just what I needed. I felt all of my build up stress leaving my body.. Being on the water has always felt like such a sanctuary for me. So I sat in front of the boat with my feet over the railing, drawing in aaaaaaall of natures beauty.



But everything has its price. So even though the weather was incredible, the temperatures were still on the low, so I caught myself a nasty cold that I am currently fighting.. Oh well.. Still worth every minute I spend in that pretty scenery????


Xoxo Josefine❤

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