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Hi there 🙂

A little check up on what is new since last post. Life has been pretty darn fantastic!

First of all, last week I got my acceptance letter for my masters in Human Ressource Management at CBS (which was such a huge relief).

Second of all, I have no worries for a change. I have no exams left. I have made a lot of new and exciting acquaintances.

I have some incredibly amazing friends, who I hang out with all the time.

I have a loving and supportive and happy family and a happy heart.

I feel so ready to start a new chapter in my life. Couldn’t ask for more.





I am all about enjoying two months of summer holiday, before reality once again kicks off.

I am certain this summer is going to be an eventful one 🙂

I sure have a lot of great expectations for what’s to come.

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