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Fashion is nothing…

… without a photographer to capture its magnificence. Todays post is a tribute to one of Denmarks finest fashion and beauty photographers – Anja Ekstrøm.



Anja Ekstrøm, 39, started her career in photography back in 2012, when she got her first “serious” camera – a Canon 5D mk II. An ambitious piece of equipment, which would serve as her one true companion and an important tool to her success. Since then the camera has been switched out and more advanced equipment has found its way to her studio, Studio CPH,  in Copenhagen.

Anja loves to create and experiment with new expressions. I love how bold she can be, when creating looks. This just comes to show, that Anja is not afraid of stepping outside the box, when producing interesting pictures. She is a master in balancing the  provocative with the aesthetic, and a magician when it comes to capturing the beauty and personality of the person standing in front of her flash. Anja is incredibly talented, and brutally honest.. That’s what makes her work so brilliant. She doesn’t settle for an OK result. She will generously share her knowledge on does and don’ts, so that the model can grow and they both can leave the studio feeling pleased with the outcome.

In this post I have picked out some of my favourite photographs by this amazing photographer:










“Making the perfect portrait, is an art in itself. To capture the essence of a human with a camera…
To have the personality shine through… That is a mastery skill, whether the person is a famous face or
a meer passerby in the street. When I shoot portraits, my task is first and foremost to capture the essence of the person in front of me,
with aesthetics and grace.”

– Anja Ekstrøm




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