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Photoshoot and midnight thoughts

Hi you guys ..

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of posing for an amazing up coming photographer from my home town – Trine Athawes. It was actually kind of spontaneous. I met her briefly in the street one day, and the next day we met up and created these pictures, with no expectations what so ever. I really enjoy working with people who are passionate about what they do – it reflects on me, and the amount of creative ideas we had just never seemed to come to an end. What was supposed to be a one hour photosession, turned into three. Probably because we starting talking about the old times in preschool, where we used to take break dancing classes and we both sucked at it! Lol ūüėČ

IMG_4258 IMG_4257

Life is curious, right? Sometimes you forget about people who used to take significant part in your life, because your paths divide and you go separate ways. But then you meet again. Sometimes years later, and everything is as it once was. You laugh and dwell on the memories you’ve created together, and you realise just how much these little moments you have had, has been crucial to the person you have become. These moments have molded you, and they take part in defining what you are today; what you find funny, what you feel passionate about, what you feel is right and wrong, your view on life, etc…


РOkay, so we are getting a little deep now, but sometimes my head wonders off in thoughts about the human mind and soul. BUT the fact of the matter is, that I am very grateful to have reestablished this relationship. This encounter just reminded me of how every relation we have ever made, has had some sort of impact on the life we live today. And each time I engage with someone i used to know Рall the memories and things i have forgotten about my past self, come back and leave me with a big smile on my face. Sometimes it is nice to see yourself in the rearview mirror.

Just some midnight thoughts. I am gonna “hit the hay” ūüôā Sleep tight!

Xoxo Josefine

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